Over the last 12-18 months, the Aquaporin Inside™ technology has experienced a scientific and developmental breakthrough which clearly demonstrates the potential of aquaporin-based water treatment.
Over the last 12-18 months, the Aquaporin Inside™ technology has experienced a scientific and developmental breakthrough which clearly demonstrates the potential of aquaporin-based water treatment and the fact that this technology is heading for the market of several industrial applications. The 1st generation Aquaporin Inside™ technology has been developed in collaboration with the Singapore Membrane Technology Center (SMTC) with financial support from the Environment and Water Industry (EWI) Programme in Singapore and is today fully patented and protected by Aquaporin A/S and NTU. The technology is now also being documented in a number of scientific peer-reviewed journals.

The two international scientific journals Journal of Membrane Science and Desalination recognize the Aquaporin Inside™ technology in two peer-reviewed articles written by SMTC and Aquaporin A/S researchers. In a third article presented at The International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) researchers from NASA - Johnson Space Center, Huston, Texas, USA, demonstrate why the Aquaporin Inside ™ technology holds the potential of being used to purify water for cooling of astronaut space suits.

The article in Journal of Membrane Science describes how the proprietary membrane is constructed and demonstrates that when operating in reverse osmosis, the salt rejection rate is ~97%. This is comparable to or higher than other membranes tested in the same experimental set-up. Consequently, an even higher salt rejection rate is expected when these membranes are incorporated into industrial modules. The article furthermore describes how the Aquaporin Inside ™ membrane offers a 40% higher water flux than commercially available membranes for desalination of brackish water. The article in Desalination explains how the Aquaporin Inside™ technology differs from other biomimetic membrane designs all of which are still in the experimental stage and difficult to upscale.

In their article, the NASA Johnson Space Center scientists conclude that with the termination of the space shuttle missions, the almost prohibitively high cost associated with supply of water to the ISS for space suit cooling alone, the aging ISS water supply system, and the high sensitivity to impurities in space suit cooling water, it is imperative to find a way of providing clean water at an affordable price. The scientists show the potential of the Aquaporin Inside™ technology and conclude that, if further developed, this could become the cost-effective source of ultrapure water which is needed to ensure the USA’s ability to continue sending astronauts on space walks in the form of extra-vehicular activity.

Links to the three publications can be found on Aquaporin’s website. For further information, or if you wish to discuss a scientific collaboration, please contact CSO Claus Hélix-Nielsen at or phone +45 27 10 20 76.

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