CNN's new series Make, Create, Innovate on Thursday 24th April is profiling the Aquaporin Inside™ Technology

Aquaporin is very proud to be given the opportunity to showcase its work and the company to a truly global audience through a piece that will broadcast as part of the program Quest Means Business on CNN International. 

Quest Means Business airs on CNN from Monday to Friday every week and is hosted by Richard Quest who gives expert analysis and commentary on the biggest business stories of the day. The new series Make, Create, Innovate is dedicated to science and technology, telling stories behind the inventions and technological breakthroughs that are reshaping the world. 

On Thursday 24th April at 22:00 CEST one of these stories features Aquaporin as inventor of an outstanding contribution to innovation, economy and society – the Aquaporin Inside™ Technology. Interviews with Aquaporin’s Management and demonstration of the technology and the invention will profile Aquaporin as pioneer in the field of biomimetic membranes for filtering of water.

The show is broadcasted into more than 280 million homes around the world and will also be streamed in full online at, which receives more than 10 million views a day.