Recently Aquaporin Asia received the first prototypes of Aquaporin Inside™ spiral wound forward osmosis elements.
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This year Christmas came early for the R&D and Pilot Production teams in Aquaporin Asia with the arrival of the first Aquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis elements for in-house testing.

Since August 2016 the Pilot Production team has been working hard on producing flat sheet Aquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis membranes on flat sheet pilot production equipment housed in JTC’s CleanTech Park.

“I am really happy to see the Aquaporin Inside™ technology work in an FO membrane product and move closer to commercial scale. It’s a great achievement of the entire team to set up pilot production of FO flat sheet membranes in such short time and make it happen. The Aquaporin Inside™ technology is a promising and innovative technology, which can save energy in membrane filtration processes by utilizing Nature’s own water channels. I’m proud to be a part of the team and we will continue to further improve our membranes in the near future”, says Junyou Zhang, Head of Pilot Production in Aquaporin Asia.

In parallel, the R&D team has developed advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics models to simulate and optimize the design of forward osmosis elements in close collaboration with experts from Nanyang Technological University and DHI Water & Environment.

Once in-house testing has been completed, prototype Aquaporin Inside™ spiral wound forward osmosis elements will be tested in a wide range of industrial applications through Aquaporin’s extensive partner network.

“It’s a great milestone for our group. Installing Aquaporin Inside™ FO membranes into elements means we are one-step closer to applying our FO technology in industrial application. I would like to express my appreciation for our awesome team members who have dedicated themselves to make this happen, as well as our colleagues in Denmark who have provided essential support along the way. Within the following months, we will be setting up FO pilot-scale systems to test-bed our FO technology with industrial test partners. I am awaiting full-scale industrial FO elements & modules to be ready ultimo 2017 as our industrial production facilities are up and running in Denmark”, says Guofei Sun, Head of R&D in Aquaporin Asia

Parties interested in testing the prototype elements for FO pilot applications are encouraged to contact Mark Perry (, VP of BD and Sales Asia, for more information on how to become a test partner.


Aquaporin Asia’s forward osmosis technology is developed in a 3-year R&D project (1301-IRIS-02) in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Singapore Membrane Technology Centre - Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (SMTC - NEWRI), and DHI Water & Environment. The project is supported by Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) with a grant of 2.5 million SGD under its Environment & Water Research Programme and administered by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency. The aim of the project is to scale-up the Aquaporin Inside™ Forward Osmosis Technology for industrial test-bedding.