The history of Aquaporin Asia Pte. Ltd.

Aquaporin Asia Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in Singapore in early 2011 as a Singapore-based joint venture between Aquaporin A/S, Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive, and DHI Singapore. It was established on the basis of the successful 5 million SGD R&D project at Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) of Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI), funded by the Singapore National Research Foundation under its Environmental & Water Technologies Strategic Research Programme.

Aquaporin Asia is 80% owned by Aquaporin A/S, a Danish Cleantech company founded in 2005. Aquaporin A/S is the company behind the Aquaporin Inside™ technology and currently 40 people  are working on further developing the technology in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The ownership distribution in Aquaporin Asia is as follows:
·      NTU Ventures: 10% of the shares
·      DHI Singapore: 10% of the shares
·      Aquaporin A/S: 80% of the shares
All owners are in the process of signing a common shareholder agreement as well as a license agreement giving Aquaporin Asia freedom to operate under the IP generated in the EWI project.

Company mission

Aquaporin Asia is dedicated to utilize Nature’s separation technologies to lower industrial water treatment costs, increase treated water quality and enable novel water treatment applications. These goals will be achieved by continuously setting new standards for efficiency and selectivity of water treatment processes through cutting-edge biomimetic water treatment membranes.

Company vision

Solving Asia’s water scarcity and water quality challenges through industrial application of Nature’s own separation technologies.